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    Bizuu Boutique
    Warsaw and Poznan, Poland

    Find out how Bizuu stores are making shopping easy and enjoyable for customers through light.
    Bizuu in Poland creates a unique shopping experience with PhilipsLED lighting & the AmbiScene mirror

    Wearing Bizuu dresses

    I can finally feel like a real princess"


    -Weronika Ksiazkiewicz, actress'

    Using top-quality shop lighting to give clothes in the shop window added appeal - Philips
    Woman checking her reflection in the AmbiScene Mirror created by Philips

    Customer challenge


    When the owners of Bizuu stores created their own fashion brand, they were on their way to a shopping success story. However, their first store was dark and uninviting, with no outside-facing windows. Bizuu needed a lighting solution that would do their dazzling clothing designs justice.

    Philips shop lighting illuminates Bizuu store effectively

    The right lighting 


    Bizuu is a Polish fashion brand created for women by women. More accurately, by two sisters – Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan. Their designs are on sale in Bizuu’s Warsaw and Poznan stores, which are popular with women who take great pride in their appearance. As a boutique brand appealing to fashion fans, presentation in the Bizuu stores is paramount. However, fashion retail was a new venture for the owners, and they underestimated the importance of light. Finding themselves with a dark and uninviting store, they engaged with Philips for a solution.

    LED lighting was the perfect fit. StyliD compact was used to create a unique lighting scheme, instilling an inviting ambience and highlighting the beautiful wares on display. The flexible mounting options of StyliD compact meant that it could be carefully positioned to bring out the quality of clothing and turn heads towards displays. Clean white LED beams, which never appear yellow like traditional lighting, create a luxurious modern atmosphere that custome....


    Thanks to the energy-saving effects of LED lights, it is estimated that Bizuu’s annual energy consumption will fall by 50% in comparison to traditional lighting solutions.

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