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    school lighting

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    SchoolVision Austria,
    Lower Austria

    Find out how school lighting helped pupils perform better in Lower Austria.
    Pupil-centered lighting by Philips in the schools of lower Austria

    As a primary school,
    it is very

    important that we convey the joy of learning to our pupils and gently motivate and support them. SchoolVision forms a very effective element in this regard. It has a positive impact both on the educational environment and learning behaviour.”


    - Irene Mold, Headteacher of Grafenwörth primary school

    Lighting up the classrooms in lower Austria with Schoolvision by Philips Lighting
    Easy-to-control classroom lighting in the schools of lower Austria by Philips Lighting Schoolvision solutions

    Customer challenge


    The regional government in Lower Austria was learning about light. It was intrigued by the results of a Philips-commissioned study in Germany, which showed that sustainable lighting could enhance pupil performance in the classroom. But could the same results be replicated in Austria?

    Dynamic lighting by Philips Schoolvision, in lower Austria

    The right lighting 

    The original study in Germany yielded some surprising results. It found that, using certain lighting scenarios, pupil attentiveness and concentration were considerably increased. In addition, reading speed rose by 35% and hyperactivity was reduced by up to 76%.


    To see if these same results could be achieved in Austria, the regional government selected three schools to use in a pilot test. The 6-month long study was conducted using 98 pupils, spanning three different age groups. The investigation was carried out by the child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy department at the Landesklinikum Donauregion in Tulln, using scientifically-proven procedures.


    The results were impressive. The findings reinforced those of the German study, with slight variations in individual parameters. Dynamic lighting was shown to reduce restlessness amongst pupils, increase their concentration, and lead to them making fewer mistakes. However with the pupils in Austria it was reading comprehension rather than reading speed that improved. Overall, the study supported the notion that SchoolVision can enhance the learning environment for children.


    SchoolVision is a ground-breaking lighting solution that enables the light atmosphere in a classroom to be modified simply by pressing a button. The learning atmosphere can be set to suit the occasion, helping children to stay alert or calm down at different times of the day.



    Optimize learning environments. Flexible school lighting that helps children to stay focused.

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    The Team

    Regional government of Lower Austria, Grafenwörth, Aspang and Waidhofen, Austria


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    Irene Mold, Headteacher of Grafenwörth primary school

    Project partners

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    University Hospital of Hamburg Eppendorf


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    Evolving learning
    with light

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