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    Bringing well-being

    to workshops

    Hermitage Amsterdam,
    The Netherlands


    Find out how school lights are improving the learning environment at Hermitage Amsterdam.

    Students are having workshops in a class at Hermitage, Amsterdam illuminated with Philips energy-efficient lighting

    I think it’s

    you can always adjust the lighting to match the conditions outside, as well as the activities being carried out inside.”


    - Ingrid Pasmans, Teacher, Hermitage for Children

    Students are doing activities under Philips school lighting
    Well-lit environment at Hermitage, Amsterdam by Philips school lighting

    Customer challenge


    The Hermitage museum in Amsterdam is a leader in learning. In addition to its esteemed exhibitions, it hosts educational programmes for children aged four to 18, which teach them about art and culture. Could light aid learning in the workshop room?

    Students and the classroom illuminated by Philips Lighting

    The right lighting 

    Change was on the cards for the Hermitage Amsterdam. After relocating to a stylish 17th-century building on the banks of the River Amstel, it needed a new lighting concept for the children’s workshops. The rooms have large windows either side, so the new lighting needed to illuminate the center of the room, and be adaptable to different teaching requirements.


    “In the summer a lot of light streams in from outside, whereas in the winter it can be pretty dark even during the day,” says Hans Wolff of Hans Wolff & Partners Lighting Designers. To enable balanced lighting in the room, MASTER TL5 tubes with different color temperatures were installed in each luminaire. Their intensity can be altered to suit the ambient lighting levels, and to adapt to specific activities like video presentations.


    Armitage also wanted the luminaires to complement the aesthetics of the room. Savio luminaires were chosen for their neat appearance, and for their plastic surface, which diffuses the light evenly. The luminaries are easily adjusted by a user-friendly remote control, which changes the brightness and color settings. This new setup is adaptable, easy-to-use, and offers the optimal working environment for both children and staff.


    Lighting designer Hans Wolff is a big fan of our energy-efficient MASTER TL5 tubes. “Fluorescent tubes are still the most energy-efficient option available,” he said. “They are also cheap to replace and easy to maintain.”

    • MASTER TL5 High Output
      MASTER TL5 High Output
      This TL5 lamp (tube diameter 16 mm) offers high light output. The TL5 HO lamp is optimized for installations requiring high light output and offers excellent lumen maintenance and ...

    Bringing culture
    to classes

    The Team

    Hermitage Amsterdam


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    Evelyne Merkx

    Interior architect

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    Patrice Girod

    Interior architect

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    Hans Wolff

    Lighting designer

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