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    A spot to

    relax and recharge -

    setting a new standard for airport lounges

    SAS Airport Lounge Gardermoen, Norway  


    The new SAS Lounge at Oslo's Gardermoen Airport offers its travelers a little something extra…Like most major airlines, the SAS lounge at Oslo airport caters to guests seeking comfort and offers a refuge from the often noisy and crowded main terminals. But SAS’s new concept puts a novel spin on the standard airport lounge – their aim is to provide customers with the best possible travel experience, even before they depart.

    SAS Airport Lounge Gardermoen, Norway - travel experience

    The objective of the SAS Next Generation Lounge concept is to  create an experience

    when travelers visit the lounge. Our new service concept aims to provide an environment that meets our guests’ needs during their journey– all in a comfortable space that feels like home."

    Cilla Nordenberg, Concept & Development Manager at SAS

    André van den Berg Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer Schiphol Group

    Customer challenge


    "People in countries close to the equator do not develop seasonal affective disorder. But there’s a distinct tendency towards it in the Nordic countries, where we have to deal with the winter darkness for long periods. So we gave travelers the option of having extra light before departure with Daylight Booster, which hopefully helps them better withstand the hours of darkness...”


    Astrid Simonsen Joos, Market Leader Nordics, Signify

    Schiphol Lounge 2

    The right lighting


    We delivered a variety of innovative solutions featuring new intelligent lighting, giving SAS's customers the best possible experience and ensuring they feel energized for their trip. The new lounge features a Daylight Booster, which imitates daylight, to improve energy levels and reduce the risk of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the Luminous pattern wall lighting – an embedded lighting solution that can be customized to create an endless variety of shapes and patterns. Guests can also enjoy the lounge’s three rooms featuring six different lighting settings: the Philips Hue lighting can be easily adjusted to support tasks such as reading and concentration or softened to create a relaxing atmosphere.

    Boost well-being


    The new lighting in the SAS lounge allows guests to energize before their travel and offers them a space to relax and recharge before taking off.

    Enhance passenger experience


    The embedded lighting on the wall delivered in the form of Luminous Patterns wall and Philips Hue rooms with customizable light settings, create a unique and welcoming atmosphere. Guests of the new SAS Lounge experience a comfortable and revitalizing stay before their flight or during a layover.

    Customized lighting for different needs


    In three of the rooms, travelers can choose from six different types of light settings, relaxing, reading or even party setting, depending on their mood and needs.


    Philips Hue

    The Philips Hue white and color ambiance contains 4 bulbs and a bridge. It can transform your lighting into an extraordinary experience with colored and white light. Sync lights to your music, TV and games for...


    Luminous patterns

    Luminous patterns ignite the imagination. These stunning LED light panels illuminate walls with color, texture, pattern and movement. As statement panels or a complete surface, they’re a vibrant way to...

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