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    Playing safe or
    up for a challenge?

    Real professionals
    make light work with
    Sonepar and Philips

    Prizes you can win:

    Philips wide screen LED TV
    Philips wide screen LED TV
    Football jerseys Match ball
    Football jerseys Match ball
    20% on Philips LED-products
    20% on Philips LED-products

    we make light work


    Passion, people and synergies are what make Sonepar a perfect wholesaler for Philips Lighting. Beyond the distribution of excellent products, we believe that sharing knowledge and (software) tools makes a big difference. Together with professional installers we make the best team to bring quality LED lighting to end customers.

    All the opportunities of Philips LED tubes:

    • Up to 65% energy savings over TL fluorescents
    • Short payback period
    • Instant bright, high quality light
    • 50,000 hour lifetime + 5 years warranty
    • Available in T5 and T8 versions

    CoreLine. A solution for every space


    • A luminaire for every need, from the world leader in lighting
    • Up to 80% energy savings
    • One-on-one replacement with conventional luminaires
    • 50,000 hour lifetime

    This joint campaign is brought to you by  Sonepar and Philips.