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    Gyeongui Line forest walkway lighting design project

    Seoul - South-Korea
    Seoul, South-Korea, Gyeongui, Philips Lighting City People Light award

    The area around the Gyeongui Line in Seoul is a slum with a relatively high crime rate and inadequate living conditions.

    It has long been neglected as a dark side of Seoul’s rapid development. The surrounding area is a poor living environment due to factors such as noise, pollution and traffic accidents caused by the railway.  The concept of the landscape designer was ‘recover and create’. It is proposed to re-create the disconnected and dilapidated railway as a most natural and comfortable space. 

    The outcomes of the new lighting scheme are: 

    • A comfortable and safe walkway and exercise space has been created in the abandoned space. 

    • The space has been reborn as a popular city location where citizens spend more time.

    Seoul, South-Korea, gyeongui, Philips Lighting City People Light award