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    Master Plan for Guadalajara’s historic downtown

    Guadalajara - Mexico
    Guadalajara, Mexico, Philips Lighting City People Light award

    Guadalajara is home to Mexico’s most iconic emblems— mariachi, tequila, and traditions known throughout the world


    Founded 474 years ago, it is one of Mexico’s oldest cities. The Master Plan for Guadalajara’s historic downtown has been driven by the need to improve and optimize the urban space with a lighting strategy that highlights monumental sites in a way that not only depicts tradition and innovation, but also establishes the use of light as the basis for urban, social and economic development, while at the same time reflecting a commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. 

    The new lighting scheme improves the quality of the city, and the life of the people who live in it, in the following ways:

    • It provides visual clarity. The color rendering indices in the targeted walkways have improved considerably since the sodium vapor lighting was replaced by LED luminaires which provide improved visibility, maintain a homogeneous light color, and eliminate color distortion. 

    • It has health benefits. LED lighting with cold blue-white tones requires less luminosity to produce the same sense of brightness to our eyes, which in turn saves energy. In this way, better lighting can improve our mood, performance and awareness, even our reaction time to possible threats. 

    • The technology used is environmentally responsible, as it does not contain mercury.

    Guadalajara, Mexico, Philips Lighting City People Light award