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    The Fristadstorget square

    Eskilstuna - Sweden
    Fristadstorget, Sweden, Philips Lighting City People Light award

    The Fristadstorget square is the heart of the Swedish city of Eskilstuna.

    Its 12,300 square meters are framed by a mix of historical and modern buildings, including the City Hall. The square is a market place and a venue for recreation, festivals and political rallies. After major renovation and the installation of a new lighting solution, the Fristadstorget square was re-inaugurated on October 25, 2014. 

    With the help of the new creative lighting design the square has become a vibrant hub in the center of the city. The solution creates a varied and visually interesting lighting environment, where people tend to linger. For example, gobo projections of varying colors and patterns make the light change continually and provide passers-by with a new visual experience each time they visit the square. The lighting design is characterized by a well-measured balance between function and aesthetics, and between the historical and the modern. Highly energy efficient, it features a range of lighting scenarios that change according to the time of day, season and occasion, as well as a custom-made streetlight fixture. 

    Sweden, fristadstorget, Philips Lighting City People Light award