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    From space to place in Best

    Best - The Netherlands
    Best, Netherlands, From space to place, Philips Lighting City People Light award

    The redevelopment of the public space in the village center of Best had three main objectives: facilitating use and activity, strengthening the center’s present potency, and prolonging the duration of people’s stay


    A new lighting concept for Best was one of the key ingredients to bring about the long-cherished wish for a cozy, bustling village center.

    The new lighting concept, primarily using architectural and connected LED lighting, helped reconnect people, citizens and visitors to this place. By illuminating its history and beauty, the village has  strengthened its identity and created places to stand, sit, stay and play which weren’t there before. Both by day and by night.

    Local businesses are benefiting from the increased attractiveness of their village center. It has given rise to new initiatives and strengthened existing events. It has changed the village center from a space to pass through, to the dynamic heart of the community, and invites people to use and enjoy their places.

    Best, Neterlands, From space to place, Philips Lighting City People Light award