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    Master Lighting Plan - Grote Markt Antwerpen

    Antwerp - Belgium
    Antwerp, Belgium, grote markt, Philips Lighting City People Light award

     With its public lighting plan, the city of Antwerp wants to strengthen the characteristic typology and traits of the city by night and increase the attractiveness and livability of the city, while contributing to energy efficiency, sustainability and safety.


    As in many Belgian Flemish cities, Antwerp’s Grote Markt is the historical center of the city. The successful completion of the project to renew the lighting of the Grote Markt has achieved most of the desired and expected goals:

    a) Local residents, citizens and visitors alike can now enjoy one of the most prestigious historical spaces in the city.

    b) An impressive new night-time image and identity has been created for the city. 

    c) Energy consumption and greenhouse gas production have been reduced, largely in excess of the city’s declared goals.

    Antwerp, Belgium, Grote Markt, Philips Lighting City People Light award