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    The House of Music area (Musikkens Hus Arealer)

    Aalborg - Denmark
    Aalborg, Denmark, The House of Music Area, Philips Lighting City People Light award

    The House of Music area is part of a large renovation project including several sub-projects to transform Aalborg waterfront from an industrial area into a vibrant university-city and cultural node

    This area was intended to become an important cultural center that ties various open urban spaces together. In order to visualize the local connections and various activities, a coherent lighting identity was created which also emphasizes the special character and qualities of the area.

    With this lighting concept, the importance of the various functions and activity levels were emphasized in the surrounding urban spaces. These are supported by an adaptive dynamic lighting design, which allows for variations to support the shifting seasons, various events, exhibitions, etc. In this way the lighting intertwines the area of the House of Music with the existing waterfront and gives the area a unique identity, also after nightfall.  The lighting solutions are tailored to a broad target group to enhance an active urban life and multiple visual adventures.

    aalborg, denmark, House Of Music, Philips Lighting City People Light award