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    Enhance city spaces with
    unique visual experiences

    Transform  community spaces    

    From parks and plazas to walkways and waterfronts, outdoor areas are  essential gathering places for communities, and the right lighting can turn them into unique visual experiences. Welcoming, fun and inspiring, LED lighting helps these public areas feel safer and more inviting as well. With innovative lighting solutions from Philips, you can create urban outdoor spaces that boost tourism and economic development, while saving energy and reducing your environmental impact. Additionally, your space can be IoT-enabled with connected luminaires that help you harness the power of smart technology using Interact Landmark.

    Reduce costs

    Achieve up to 50% cost savings with energy-efficient LED lighting and scheduling


    Reduce maintenance costs with Service Tag, a unique QR code that helps identify faulty luminaires quickly


    Deliver stunning, flexible light effects in a sustainable and cost-effective way

    Engage Citizens

    Guide citizens with visual signposting


    Improve safety and livability with vibrant, well-lit urban spaces


    Bring public spaces to life with dynamic light installations, light shows, and special events 

    Flexible design

    Enhance a range of urban contexts with iconic features and timeless lighting design


    Preserve the night sky and protect bats with special light recipes


    Suitable for both renovation projects and new installations

    Explore the possibilities

    Create unique visual experiences  

    How to compare lighting designs for road and street applications

    Philips Service tag for outdoor applications

    Panel of Philips customized lighting options

    Add your own touch with customized lighting

    Customized lighting
    A mannequin wears a blue dress, which is color-enhanced by Philips LED flavors

    Bring out the best in your clothing

    LED flavors
    Best lighting for fitting rooms

    Rethink the fitting room

    AmbiScene fitting room

    Why are optics important?

    Safer, cleaner and more energy efficient street lighting

    How can artificial lighting be adapted to protect light-sensitive bats?

    Resolving the urban lighting dilemma

    CK Diverge

    Discover dynamic lighting


    Create inspiring visual experiences for your parks and plazas by combining Philips luminaires with dynamic, colorful architectural lighting from Color Kinetics 

    Discover connected lighting


    Interact Landmark is a connected lighting software that brings the power of IoT to architectural lighting for bridges, monuments and building facades. We make it easy to monitor and manage lighting assets to protect your investment, trigger light shows from anywhere to engage people, and to monitor, measure and analyze the impact on visitors.

    Interact Landmark

    Discover connected lighting for cities


    How do you make a city smarter and more livable? Interact City software works with our connected LED lighting to provide you with a robust infrastructure to improve city services, improve citizen safety, beautify public spaces, engage with citizens and encourage civic pride. Interact City also reduces energy costs and increases efficiency so you can reinvest savings in new smart city projects.

    Interact City Smarter and more livable city lighting

    Lighting Services

    Lighting services are managed by Signify. We take care of your lighting, so you can take care of your business. Find more information about these services on our company website.

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