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    Light for health and well being

    Lighting that helps heal

    Create a more effective healing environment using the power of light. Light does more than make us see, it meets important biological and emotional needs. With these insights we develop and implement human centric lighting solutions that enhance vision, performance and well-being.


    Health and senior care facilities can use Light for health and well-being, for example to align patient or resident room lighting with our human circadian rhythm to help patients and residents sleep better, recover faster and feel happier.*

    Lighting that helps heal

    Human Centric Lighting benefits at a glance

    HealWell promotes healthier sleep rhythms and helps staff and patients see better, feel better and function better.
    Improve care outcomes with lighting that aligns with patients’ circadian rhythms
    Improve the patient experience with lighting that improves sleep and mood
    Increase health worker satisfaction with patient room lighting that they can adjust instantly to suit their work task or the patient’s preferences or health needs
    Save energy with the latest LED luminaires
    Upgrade quickly with a complete system that’s easy to install
    Integrate with your hospital’s networked lighting system, building management system or other IT-based systems to enable centralized monitoring and reporting

    What’s possible with Light for health and well-being


    Light for health and well-being can be offered as a scalable, wired or wireless networked control system that automatically manages a rhythm of dynamic daylight. With research-based light recipes, the system supports the human circadian rhythm to promote healthy sleep patterns and improve well-being for both patients and staff.

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