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    Parking, road and
    car wash

    Light that invites

    Make a good first impression by making sure your access roads and parking areas are efficiently and beautifully lit. And don't forget the car wash - it's a good place to use the right lighting to set yourself apart from the competition.

    Parking & Road

    The approach roads and parking facilities give motorists their first impression of your petrol station. The right lighting will make them feel welcome and safe by providing good visibility and by minimizing pockets of darkness. All of our luminaires are designed to provide precisely the right levels of light, in the right place, at the right time. Reduce your energy bills by using our energy-efficient light sources for outdoor parking areas that only need night-time illumination and you’ll make a big difference in your energy bills. Or if you want to go extra green by installing a solar-based system, we can help with that, too.


    Our product families offer options that let you optimize performance. Our products offer:

    • Highest energy efficiency
    • Best total cost of ownership by balancing initial investment and energy efficiency
    • A combination of low initial investment with significant energy savings
    Improve your facility's first impression with petrol station lights developed by Philips Lighting
    Car wash lighting for petrol stations

    Car Wash

    The car wash can be a valuable income stream for your petrol station as well as a practical and fun service for customers. Our solutions range from energy-efficient waterproof LED luminaires to total car wash concepts that use color in exciting and dynamic ways.


    • The Pacific LED IP66 Waterproof is the efficiency champion to replace 1:1 fluorescent waterproof luminaires up to 2 x 80 W, saving up to 60 % on energy costs. Next to that, all applications benefit from an extremely long lifetime up to 70,000 hrs.
    • Splash 2 is an ultra-thin, submersible fixture designed to provide vibrant color and color-changing light in fresh and saltwater locations to a depth of 4.6 meters. With its watertight cast brass housing and silicon bronze adjusting hardware, C-Splash 2 is perfect for water-based applications such as fountains and theme park installations, as well as for applications situated in harsh environments.
    • Mini300 is designed petrol canopies and low-bay applications. They combine high efficiency, easy installation and long lifespan.


    A movement detector combined with a daylight sensor enables further energy savings. Our Mini 300 LED gen2 app gives users control in ways that are simply not possible with other luminaires – for instance, reading status and managing lighting from the floor by laptop or Smartphone via Bluetooth. This makes configuration of the luminaire behavior very easy and helps reduce maintenance cost even further.


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