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    Build a
    better experience

    Create a welcoming environment


    Since convenience stores are increasingly adding concepts that shift from grab-and-go to stay-a-while it becomes increasingly important to create the right atmosphere and attract attention to specific products and store areas.


    Creating the right atmosphere is especially important for Petrol Station C-stores, e.g. to seduce your customer who just filled his tank with gasoline to sit down for a freshly made healthy sandwich. After all, the environment of a gasoline pump is (and should be!) very different from an environment where people sit down with a fresh cup of coffee and a healthy sandwich.


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    Today’s customers expect more from the store. Compete with the ease of internet shopping by building a better customer experience. Philips’ StoreWise system lets you devise flexible, engaging lighting scenarios that will pull customers into your space, guide their attention to certain products, and create a more inviting shopping atmosphere.


    LED lighting and controls are the perfect solution to set the scene and engage your customers, e.g


    • Combine luminaires with different color temperatures provide an intuitive zoning in your store, e.g. warm and cozy lighting in seating area and crisp and cool lighting in the grocery area
    • Colored lighting, e.g. in coves, can be used to create visual space, accentuate store areas and enhance atmosphere
    • Dynamic lighting can be used to attract attention to product categories



    The fresher your food looks, the more appealing it is. LED luminaires show your produce in its best light, bringing out bright colors and textures you can almost taste. Our FreshFood recipes give that warm, golden look to your coffee corner, make bread look crisp and fresh. Our CrispWhite and PremiumWhite luminaires enhance the colors on packaging of candy or other impulse goods.

    Dynamic Lighting

    Dynamic Lighting
    Dynamic Lighting
    Dynamic Lighting

    Imagine lighting that helps make your customers feel better. By changing the color temperature and intensity of light automatically throughout the day, dynamic lighting can mimic the natural rhythm of night and day which, in turn, can positively affect the body’s biological clock.