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    Bring your venue to life

    Make your stadium work for you and for the fans

    Give your venue an opportunity to shine. With ArenaVision LED lighting  an average game becomes a truly exciting event. Glare-free lighting helps cameras capture the action and gives spectators a clear view of the activities on the field. Find out how you can make your venue more flexible, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Additionally, you can ensure your business is IoT-enabled by using our connected luminaires in combination with Interact Sports, allowing you to harness the power of smart technology.

    Optimize operations

    Reduce costs with energy-efficient LED lighting systems


    Make installation and maintenance easier via the luminaire Service tag, a QR-based identification system

    Increase revenue streams with the flexibility to host different types of events in the same space

    Enhance experience

    Support the latest TV International Broadcasting Standards


    Meet demanding slow-motion broadcasting requirements with flicker-free lighting technology


    Improve experience on the field with excellent color rendering, temperature, and uniformity

    Flexible design

    Simplify wiring with a single high power driver


    Provide different optical choices to fit various stadium structures


    Increase flexibility with optional glare-control louvers

    Illuminate the field of play with our sports lighting

    Illuminate the field of play with our sports lighting

    Bring your façade to life with dynamic architectural systems

    Discover dynamic lighting

    Illuminate your sports venues and create inspiring visual experiences for your fans by combining Philips luminaires with dynamic, colorful architectural lighting from Color Kinetics.
    Color Kinetics

    Discover connected lighting

    Smart stadiums and great fan experiences start with Interact Sports. Interact Sports works with our connected luminaires to help you manage all your lighting—including pitch and entertainment lighting, the stadium façade and hospitality areas. Add IoT sensors to improve operations or marketing efforts. Entertain fans with customized light shows before, during and after the main event. Attract sponsors through new unique advertisement opportunities. Interact Sports enables flexible, multi- purpose venues that can generate new revenue streams, attract different types of events and create new business opportunities.
    View of the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

    Lighting Services

    Lighting services are managed by Signify. We take care of your lighting, so you can take care of your business. Find more information about these services on our company website.

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