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    A welcoming

    Creating space and order with light


    Whether passengers are departing or arriving, they need to feel relaxed and welcome. Set the scene for a full airport experience with LED lighting systems that create a safe and inspiring ambiance in all areas.


    But also make use of important signage and information easy to read, to enable quick guidance, while improving the traveler flow.

    Create a positive and exciting traveler experience that will make your airport the first choice. The terminal side is where you can make the first impressions count.

    But also make use of important signage and information easy to read, to enable quick guidance, while improving the traveler flow.
    But also make use of important signage and information easy to read, to enable quick guidance, while improving the traveler flow.

    Arrival and departure halls


    Arrival and departure halls can be the busiest parts of your airport. Passengers need to orientate themselves in unfamiliar, and often chaotic, surroundings. Good lighting can guide them effortlessly to their destination and therefore the departure environment should be comfortable and calm, easing the burden of waiting, especially in the case of delays.

    Terminal hall

    Check-in and information desks


    The better the light quality, the easier it is for staff to interact with passengers and check their passports and documentation. It makes the experience less taxing and more time efficient. So the waiting line goes more smoothly and everyone stays calm and collected.


    Connection areas and travelators


    For an airport, which is often open 24 hours a day, connection areas and travelators are the arteries of the airport. They link the different areas together logistically.


    Make your airport easy to navigate with clear routes that guide passengers effortlessly from A to B. Lower light levels create a sense of tranquillity in busy connection areas. Brighter ambiances can heighten the feeling of efficiency and speed on travolators.


    Customs and passport control


    Security is paramount to the safe operation of your airport, not to mention its reputation. Visitors expect their documents to be checked quickly and efficiently with the minimum of hassle. At the same time, custom staff must appear authoritative and professional. The right lighting can aid their concentration and improve facial recognition at customs and passport control, increasing throughput and making the whole process more efficient and secure.


    Security check areas


    As concerns about airport security intensify, passengers are investigated more than ever before. Body checks and scans must be conducted in a dignified way that ensures passengers feel respected and the actions of staff are beyond question. Lighting provides the clarity that your security check needs to stay vigilant and keep everyone safe.


    Baggage claim area


    A typical baggage claim area contains baggage carousels or conveyor systems that deliver checked baggage to the passenger. Waiting to be reunited with your bagage after a flight can be an anxious time for passengers.


    A natural lighting solution that mimics daylight will enhance guidance and comfort for the traveler to quickly find the right baggage carrousel and collect its bagage as fast as possible.

    How lighting affects travelers' mood.

    Luggage handling


    Behind the scenes, taking care of bagage handling and making sure everything keeps moving can be a stressful job. 


    A natural lighting solution that mimics daylight will enhance comfort and wellbeing for the staff that have to carry out their work in confined spaces. It also aids concentration, improves communication and reduces the number of baggage errors.


    Air traffic control


    Air traffic controllers are the heart of your airport and essential for its safe operation. To keep airplanes flying safely and on time, they need to guide pilots with precision accuracy, 24 hours a day. Mistakes are not an option. The challenge is to provide exactly the right ambiance to aid concentration and make interpreting complex instrumentation as easy as possible – whatever the time of day or night.

    Air traffic control room. How lighting affects productivy and mood.

    Retail and leisure area


    Create customized lighting designs that attract travelers and keep them engaged while they are in the terminal. Targeted, engaging experiences stimulate shoppers, highlight key locations throughout the area, guide visitors, and encourage exploration.

    Retail and leisure areas in airports

    Offices and conference rooms


    Offices and conference rooms have changed over the years. Once single-use spaces, offices are now often multi-use facilities that depend on the availability of sophisticated and dynamic resources — especially lighting. Organizations must work harder than ever to support many different activities and many different types of workers.

    Offices and conference rooms in airports

    Facades and architecture


    LED lighting offers unprecedented design freedom in terms of color, dynamics, miniaturization, architectural integration and energy efficiency – opening up new possibilities in brand building and ambience creation, for instance by dynamically changing the lighting, using various highlighting and color effects. Architectural facade lighting can effectively turn your airport into a prominent landmark, a living symbol of hospitality.

    Airport architecture and facades

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