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    Maximized safety 
    day ­in, day­ out

    Land side

    Your airport is a destination for millions of people as they embark on a journey for business or pleasure. But for millions more who live and work in the vicinity, you’re also a neighbour. Our lighting solutions can make the land side of your airport feel safe and welcoming, without creating unwanted light pollution or glare.



    The car park is often the first impression that people have of your airport. Indoor parkings with no natural daylight need to feel safe and structured. But because they are lit 24/7, you will also want to light them efficiently and cost effectively.

    Illuminating indoor parking area in Airports

    Roads and tunnels


    Whether they arrive with hours to spare or right at the last minute, navigating the airport road and tunnel network to find the right car park or terminal can be a daunting task. Put driver and pedestrian safety first. Complementing your signage with the right outdoor lighting can help maximize traffic flow and minimize accidents.

    Lighting aiport roads - preventing lighting pollution

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