Land-based Aquaculture

Light up new growth possibilities for land-based aquaculture

Our cutting-edge land-based aquaculture lighting offer in combination with its control systems are made to help to push your production further. Equipped with our patented fish light spectrum we provide a powerful tool for enhancing the fish production and welfare.

The key challenge for land-based farming is a fully controlled environment, with limited to no distortions allowing you to mimic natural day light.

Philips Aquaculture lights do what they are made to do; provide artificial light, replacing the sun by utilizing the unique fish light spectrum in an uniform fashion everywhere in the cage, avoiding shadows, flickering or other elements that create stress. Our unique electronics ensure the deepest dimming levels (<0.3%) and provide gradual ramp up behavior. The Philips Aquaculture lighting system has been designed with focus on the animals needs first, making it perfectly suited to hatcheries and RAS facilities!

Thanks to the superior software applications provided with the connected lighting infrastructure farmers can program cages in accordance to the growth stage while keeping control on the behavior.

Land-based aquaculture solutions

Philips seacage 125W


Light output

16,5 kLum


135 Lum/W

IP rating


Philips seacage 250W


Light output 33 kLum
Efficiency 135 Lum/W
IP rating IP66
Philips seacage 680W


Light output 51 kLum
Efficiency 150 Lum/W
IP rating IP68 + 60m*

*Continous submerged at max depth 60m

The main benefits: Maximize your aquaculture production

  • Synchronise light with the daily biological needs
  • Optimise feeding and distribution of fish in the tank
  • Reduce fish stress by gradually adjusting the light intensity and adopting sunrise/sunset simulation (1% dim levels)
  • Improve feed conversion rates utilizing the unique Philips Aquaculture lighting spectrum.
  • Assist in the smoltification process.
  • Delay sexual maturation improving growth rates and harvest weight.
  • Full control on the seasonal growth cycles
  • Easy remote monitoring and control
  • Tank & site specific lighting commissioning and scheduling
  • Remote software maintenance and upgrading

LED lighting is a powerful tool for enhancing fish production and welfare

  • Adjustable LED technology allows you to create specific lighting conditions to optimize aquatic environments as fish develop
  • Philips LED solutions improve feed conversation rates, limit sexual maturation, and lower parasite infestations
  • Philips LED solutions support the development of sustainable aquaculture
Land lights
The more uniform the light, the less stress in the fish. This improves fish welfare and smoltification, which helps better adaptation after sea transfer and reduces fish mortality.

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