Play of light

and shadow


Metronomis LED

Give your city a dose of charm. Metronomis LED is an award-winning range of modern street lights that enriches the look and feel of any area. With a choice of four different lamp styles and seven dedicated poles. Metronomis complements historic, modern or contemporary architecture.


Brighter streets, easier operation


Metronomis LED makes your nighttime environment feel welcoming and safe, with clean white illumination. Long-lasting LED technology uses minimal energy, and the clever construction of the luminaires makes maintenance easy. No hassle, just eco-friendly, inviting lighting.

Give your city a glowing reputation


Personalize your city lighting. Metronomis gives you the ability to project exciting light effects onto the ground. Dynamic patterns of light and shadow can change as people walk by, and can even incorporate your city arms or logo.



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