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Keep traffic
moving safely

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philips tunnel lighting

Philips TotalTunnel integrated lighting promotes safety and efficiency with a connected system that eases operations and reduces costs. With state-of-the-art LED lighting and simple controls, the road is brightly lit and the lighting is easily managed. TotalTunnel offers a range of different systems, services, and luminaires to meet varying types of tunnel requirements.


Watch this video of the Upper Thames Tunnel in London to experience Philips LED tunnel lighting versus conventional HPS lighting

Explore the possibilities

Total control


Keep traffic moving

Guidance lighting

Make driving fun

Lighting for bridges, monuments and facades

Optimum lighting for different tunnel zones

Tunnel lighting luminaires 

Optimize your investment



Reduce costs

Reduce energy use by up to 70% with a fully linear LED lighting system


Lower maintenance costs with long-life LED and remote monitoring


Improve performance while reducing costs, downtime, and CO2 emissions

Case study

Optimize operations

Quick installation affords shorter closure times and immediate results


Reliability and quality of LED technology ensures predictable operational expenses


Controls and monitoring optimize maintenance and minimize disruption

Case study
A55 tunnel

Improve safety

Meet the highest tunnel safety standards to improve driver safety


Keep traffic flowing with lighting that meets the new 2019 EU standards for guidance lighting 


Reduce accidents and tunnel closures

Case study
Kethel tunnel

Enhance experience

Excellent color rendering enhances vision and


Improve driver comfort with uniform white LED light


Ensure safe passage with LED lighting that helps guide drivers

Case study
Kvarnholmen tunnel

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