Make their experience

An unforgettable stay


First impressions really count. From the moment a guest first enters your hotel, you want to inspire them. Flexible lighting helps to capture moments, set a mood and make a stay so much more memorable.

By harnessing the power of technology, it’s also possible for you to provide each visitor with a truly personalized experience. Give them control and allow them to shape the environment around them. It’s an ideal way of adding value beyond illumination.

Systems  for hospitality

Attractive facades


With Color Kinetics lighting, you can turn your building into an instantly recognizable landmark. The unique identity not only helps you to stand out from the crowd, but can also help to reinforce your brand identity. Take, for example, Intercontinental in Dubai. Their Crowne Plaza hotel dominates the city’s skyline with its exterior lighting that contributes to what's on trend or key calendar events throughout the year.


Welcome, guide and entertain


However bold your vision, you can make it come to life with luminous textile. Welcome and enchant visitors with unique lighting displays. Guide them efficiently around your hotel. Or use the technology to involve and entertain them.

Imagine, for instance, a beautiful sunrise in the breakfast room or turning a restaurant into an ‘al fresco’ dining experience, thanks to a stunning outdoor scene. One space can be transformed many times over and used for different purposes.

Personalize your hotel room 


Nothing makes a guest feel more at home than the ability to personalize their room. With a Philips guest room control system, it’s possible to change the mood or ambience at the touch of a button. It can be connected to third party system so you can easily activate preprogrammed lighting settings (work, relax, energy boost etc.), set the room temperature, adjust the blinds, etc. – all from one panel. 



The feeling of daylight


Philips OneSpace uses hidden LEDs, which spread light evenly through a panel surface to provide daylight-like illumination.  As well as giving a feeling of tranquility  for your guests, it enhances a room’s acoustics with its sound-absorbing materials.

While visitors to your hotel feel calmer and more relaxed, your staff will find the light perfect for working. What’s more, the technology is designed to integrate discreetly with your ceiling architecture and building management system.

Case Studies

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dubai


The luxurious lighting system in this top hotel really helps them to stand out from the competition. The hotel interior enchants guests, while it’s possible to optimize the hues and brightness of the easily-controlled lights. As a result, you’re able to ensure the right atmosphere wherever a guest goes.


Baccarat Hotel, New York, USA


With its flagship, 50-story glass tower, Baccarat aimed to enter the hospitality business in style. It was essential that the building upheld the values of a highly sophisticated luxury brand. So to add extra sparkle to the lobby, hotel designers envisioned a wall of glowing Harcourt glasses, powered by the latest LED lights.


Crédit Agricole, Caen, France


The French banking giant Crédit Agricole wanted a conference room that would really get people talking. They were also looking to promote wellbeing for visitors who would hire the space. With 14 luminous textile panels around the room, the company was able to display dynamic content and create a personalized environment which is both memorable and flexible.

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