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With growing urbanization and sedentary city lifestyles, recreational sports facilities are becoming more important in cities everywhere. Improving the experience for both athletes and spectators can help bring communities together and encourage people to be more active. Philips energy-efficient LED lighting and remote management systems save on energy costs while enhancing the athletic environment and minimalizing light pollution for the surrounding population.

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High-performance lighting systems for outdoor sports

Recreational sports - outdoor

High-performance lighting systems for indoor   sports 

Recreational sports – indoor

The most advanced lighting solution for sports fields and courts

OptiVision recreational LED floodlights 

The best sports lighting floodlight for 1:1 retrofit 

ClearFlood area and recreational floodlights 

High-bay luminaire with dedicated sports optics for indoor sports applications

GentleSpace gen2 luminaires 


Optimize operations

Control the lighting easily to provide light when and where needed


Streamline mainenance with monitoring that shows outages throughout the facility


Reduce energy consumption with energy-efficient LED lighting, scheduling, and controls

Enhance experience

Clear, uniform LED lighting increases comfort and well-being


Improve visibility, safety, and comfort for athletes and spectators


Create a unique ambience to complement various activities with flexible lighting 

Improve sustainability

Reduce carbon footprint to support environmental initiatives


Limit light pollution with advanced LED floodlight performance 


Increase the opportunity for sports with bright, energy-efficient LED lighting

Case study
Veenendaal Swimming pool

Case study
AHC Ijburg

Case study
Het Schenge sports complex

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