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Enhance city spaces with
unique visual experiences

Transform  community spaces    

From parks and plazas to walkways and waterfronts, open spaces are essential to city life, and the right lighting can turn them into unique visual experiences. Welcoming, fun, and inspiring, LED lighting helps these public areas feel safer and more inviting as well. With innovative lighting systems from Philips, you can create urban outdoor spaces that boost tourism and economic development, while saving energy and reducing your environmental impact.

Explore the possibilities

Make open spaces inviting   

White LED light

Create unique visual experiences

Accent and dynamic lighting

Manage content remotely using cloud-hosted software 

Panel of Philips customized lighting options

Add your own touch with customized lighting

Customized lighting
A mannequin wears a blue dress, which is color-enhanced by Philips LED flavors

Bring out the best in your clothing

LED flavors
Best lighting for fitting rooms

Rethink the fitting room

AmbiScene fitting room

Manage and control site and area lighting in community spaces



Reduce costs

Energy-efficient LED lighting and scheduling deliver up to 70% cost savings


Remote management lowers maintenance costs and reduces operating expenses


Deliver stunning, flexible light effects in a sustainable and cost-effective way

Case study
SandRidge Commons

Optimize operations

Coordinate open space and street lighting with combined scheduling and system updates


Simplify maintenance with cloud-based lighting controls and dashboards


Limit downtime with guaranteed lighting performance

Case study
LightRails: An Artistic Lighting Installation

Increase the sense of safety      

Help people feel safer with better lighting


Reduce crime rates through more effective security


Create a relaxed, worry-free atmosphere

City of Veghel, Veghel, Netherlands, with ever-changing lighting


Engage citizens

Complement wayfinding and signage strategies


Improve safety and livability with vibrant, well-lit open spaces


Bring pubic spaces to life with dynamic light installations, light shows, and special events 

Case study
City of Veghel

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