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Safer parking and

lower energy bills


Make your parking garage safer, greener, and more secure

Great lighting is essential to delivering a positive user-experience in any parking garage. The bright, uniform illumination of LED lighting diminishes shadows and improves visibility, helping people feel safer and drivers feel more in control. Lighting on demand and ease of maintenance ensure energy savings and decreased operational costs. Our goal is to provide a safe, secure, cost-effective and sustainable solution for your parking garage.

Explore the possibilities

Wireless smart lighting delivers light only when needed 


LED lighting for parking

Waterproof luminaires 

Transition from a linear to a circular economy 

Circular lighting 

Waterproof lights for safer, greener, cost saving car park lighting

A waterproof luminaire


Optimize operations 

Save up to 80% on energy costs with a smart lighting system


Save on replacement costs with the longer lifetime of LED lighting


Rapidly commission and reconfigure lighting zones with remote management and control

Case study
Parkhaus Klosterhof

Enhance safety

Excellent visibility and guidance supports safer driving


Superb lighting uniformity and visibility reduces shadows


Better user experience leads to higher occupancy and profit

Case study
Globen parking

Improve sustainability

Lower energy consumption and carbon footprint due to energy-efficient LED lighting


Meet sustainability and lighting regulations set by local governments


Further improve sustainability with circular lighting that ensures product take-back, reuse, and recycling

Case study
HTC parking 

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