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Smarter lighting for
municipal buildings

Brighter and smarter

Municipal buildings are an important part of the fabric of cities and towns. Both a gathering place and a seat of government, a municipal building is often a recognizable part of the city landscape. To make the building stand out, LED lighting illuminates the façade while keeping energy consumption low and costs down. Lighting controls provide freedom to dim the lighting or increase brightness to suit specific needs or events, both indoors and outside. Not only a sustainable choice, Philips LED lighting helps municipal buildings stand out, enhancing your city brand and increasing feelings of public safety and well-being.

Explore the possibilities

Optimize your space with sensors and wireless controls

Municipal building illuminated by white architectural lighting systems

Use white light to add sparkle to your building by accenting architectural features

White architectural lighting systems

Illuminate buildings and interior architecture, transforming the city experience

Lighting for bridges, monuments and facades

Combine safety with savings



Reduce costs

Lower energy consumption by up to 70% with LED lighting and controls
Intelligent lighting systems ensure the right light when and where it's needed


Install quickly and easily, regardless of existing lighting system

Enhance experience

Increase staff motivation and performance through appropriate lighting levels


Schedule preventative maintenance to minimize disruption and optimize crew time


Create a safe environment in and around the building, including open spaces and parking areas

Build brand

Increase civic pride through attractive and appealing buildings


Illuminate landmark buildings throughout the year 


Support sustainability goals and green building initiatives

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