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Oversee energy use from one central spot


Many of today’s energy management solutions are designed for single stores or small retail chains. Most don’t work seamlessly with existing systems, requiring time-consuming integration. And few can scale to handle the monitoring and data challenges posed by thousands of stores that may vary physically. After all, no two retail stores are exactly alike – and all need to be monitored, controlled, and optimized. Teletrol is designed to meet these challenges and more.


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Video about BP Station using Philips Teletrol - energy management solutions

Explore the value


Teletrol is a comprehensive, integrated energy management system (EMS) that provides intelligent monitoring and control, enabling the kind of impressive energy reductions and costs savings that today’s retail organizations need to stay efficient, profitable, and competitive. It integrates with major HVAC systems, as well as leading lighting control solutions from Philips and others. In addition, Teletrol controls indoor air quality, power/utilities, refrigeration, food integrity logging, sensor monitoring, alarm/alert management, automated demand response, enterprise operations, scheduling, and more.


It’s a proven and powerful system for today, and it’ll scale with your growing organization far into the future. It’s extremely easy to implement and use, empowering energy managers and other personnel with an enterprise wide view, proactive alerts, and new efficiency-enhancing capabilities. We also offer a unique in-store user interface that gives you full control of your food safety process, including paperless administration.

  • Extensive automation. Designed for openness and integration
  • Lower costs
  • New data-rich insights that will improve store operations and enhance customer experience
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Fast deployment
  • Easy to use with minimal training
  • Proactive instead of reactive maintenance


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