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Create a welcoming and safe 

gas station

Make your gas station a place people want to stop

Petrol station lighting

Attracting customers and easing the shopping experience is a goal for any retail outlet, and gas stations and convenience stores are no exception. You want to draw drivers in from the road, ensure your customers feel safe while refueling, and enable them to locate products quickly and easily. Philips LED lighting delivers bright indoor and outdoor illumination and is cost-effective and sustainable as well. Our controls help keep energy costs down so you can focus on creating maximum impact and a positive experience for your customers.



Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of LED lighting for your gas station or convenience store.  

Explore the possibilities

Help your customers feel safe and comfortable

Canopy lighting

Inviting indoor lighting  

Convenience store lighting

Eye-catching outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting


Reduce costs

Reduce your energy bills up to 90% (canopy) with low-energy LED lighting

Lower capital investment with long lifetime LED lighting (100,000 hours on canopy lights)

Lower maintenance costs with regular system feedback and status reports


Case study
TOTAL Benelux

Improve experience

Create an inviting ambiance so customers browse longer and buy more


Keep products looking fresh and appealing with LED lighting


Enhance safety with better visibility into and out of the shop

Case study
BP, the Netherlands

Build brand

Customize indoor and outdoor lighting to create a unique brand style

Connect canopy lighting, in-store lighting, and controls for maximum brand impact

Use dynamic lighting in the store to guide customers to specific areas and promotions 

Case study
Gazprom Petrol Stations

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