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Quality of Light

Attract, engage and convert your shoppers

Create experience with the best Quality of Light

We know that emotions play a key role in a shopper’s decision making journey, and that the right emotion is triggered by the right experience. Quality of Light is the key differentiator when it comes to creating an experience in your store to match your brand.


Quality of Light does not only mean the parameters and characteristics of light; it is the way different lighting applications influence the shopper’s experience and impact the look and feel of a space and the collection.


Great lighting is all about creating experience. It is felt, not seen.

How to attract more people to your fashion store? Quality of Light

Quality of Light benefits at a glance

Quality of Light benefits at a glance
Save on energy

Differentiate the brand experience

Create an atmosphere that unifies your brand identity, the purpose of the store and the shopper’s identity. Philips Fashion Proof Optics (FPO) create intensity and contrast to define your collection’s appearance, ambiance and identity of your store.

Save on energy

Your collection in the spotlight

Philips Fashion Proof Optics (FPO) make your collection stand out. Featuring miniaturized spots and excellent glare control, the unique optics will add 30% of intensity and double the contrast to make your collection stand out.

Save on energy

Enhance the colors in your collection

We all know seeing is believing. Philips LED flavors ensure the colors in your collection are vivid. Enhance the natural texture and make sure colors are true and vibrant. Impress your shoppers with an engaging experience created by Quality of Light.

Save on energy

Increase your stopping power and traffic

With extra narrow beam and high intensity, you can create vibrant and attractive window displays. Even during sunny days, your store will still look open and inviting.


To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are."

Roy T. Bennett

Ingredients of the best Quality of Light


Differentiate your store, create unique shopping experiences and present your collections in the best way.

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