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Impress with
fashion lighting

Transform your store
into a destination

With the right retail lighting, you can create a compelling brand identity to engage and inspire shoppers. Pull them into your store with a dynamic shop window and encourage them to browse with flexible lighting zones and displays that leave a lasting impression. Convert footfall into sales with a dressing room that gives customers control. With true white light and simple controls, Philips LED lighting gives you the flexibility and cost-effectiveness to make your business a success. We can help bring your store to life.

Explore the possibilities

Create stopping power and increase footfall by turning passersby into shoppers

PerfectScene dynamic window
British department store House of Fraser in London displays façade lighting

Create impact and showcase your brand

Façade lighting

Design a store experience that invites people to browse 

PerfectScene sales area

Highlight your collection and differentiate your brand

LED flavors

Your store is unique. Now your lighting can be, too


Turn shoppers into buyers

PerfectScene fitting room


Optimize operations

Optimize store layout with a flexibile LED lighting system that can be adjusted easily


Controls and dimming ensure lighting is used when and where it is needed


Change lighting scenes easily to celebrate an event or holiday

Case study
Ted Baker

Improve experience

Attract customers with an eye-catching shop window and exterior lighting


Create a memorable in-store experience to encourage browsing


Increase conversion and loyalty with personalized shopping experiences via location based apps for mobile devices

Case study

Build brand

Start the brand story in the shop window with a dynamic lighting display


Use dynamic lighting in the store to guide customers to specific areas and promotions 


Create a unique brand identity with customized lighting, and apply consistently over multiple stores

Case study

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