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Bring your venue to life

Excite fans with an experience they’ll never forget  

Give your venue an opportunity to shine. With ArenaExperience, an average game becomes a truly exciting event. Glare-free lighting helps cameras capture the action and gives spectators a clear view of the activities on the field. Architectural lighting draws fans in and sets your venue apart. Intelligent control systems reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Find out how you can make your venue more flexible, increase the number of events, save money, and achieve a unique and innovative multi-purpose sports and entertainment venue.

Explore the possibilities

Create an immersive experience


Bring your façade to life

Lighting for bridges, monuments and facades
A well-lit office - multi-purpose sports and entertainment venue.

Create the right ambience inside your venue

Lighting for retail
Lighting for hospitality 
Lighting for offices 
Luminous textile
Luminous patterns
Luminous carpets
Improve safety and create excitement before fans enter the venue - floodlight for sport arena

Improve safety and create excitement before fans enter the venue

Lighting for parking garages
Lighting for parks and plazas


Optimize operations

Adapt to future demands with a flexible, future-proof, and versatile lighting system


Reduce costs with energy-efficient LED lighting systems, connectivity and remote monitoring


Increase revenue streams with the flexibility to host different types of events in the same space

Case study
Allianz Arena

Enhance experience

Integrate lighting, entertainment, and sound to create a fully immersive fan experience


Meet demanding slow-motion broadcasting requirements with flicker-free lighting technology


Excellent color rendering, temperature, and uniformity ensure that athletes have a clear view on the field

Case study
Ekinox Arena

Improve safety

Improve safety and crowd flow with well-lit areas in and around the stadium


Improve guidance to seats, restaurants, fan shops, and exits


Boost venue reputation with increased safety and comfort for fans, athletes, and employees

Case study
Chelsea F.C.

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