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Help travelers feel

relaxed and welcome

Create a memorable experience


With the growing number of air travelers and increased air cargo, airports are becoming hubs of retail, hospitality, business and logistics. Amid this rapid growth, lighting is one element that can support your goals for cost reduction, operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability, while at the same time delivering a memorable brand experience. Philips LED lighting can create a unique ambiance, improve wayfinding, and support your financial bottom line across a wide variety of business operations.

Explore the possibilities

Terminal-side airport illustration

Keep your passengers relax and safe

Lighting for terminals
Illustration of land-side airport parking lot

Ensure your airport is safe to visit an easy to get around

Lighting for land side
Illustration of air-side section of airport, featuring a parked plane

Make all airside activities safe, comfortable and efficient

Lighting for air side 

Keep travelers relaxed and safe

Lighting for terminals

Ensure safety and ease of access 

Lighting for landside

Maintain efficient and safe travel

Lighting for airside 


Optimize operations

Improve operational efficiency with planned maintenance and remote monitoring


Grow revenues with a more appealing retail and hospitality proposition


Reduce costs, light pollution, and carbon emissions with energy-efficient LED lighting and controls

Case study
Manchester Airport Terminal

Enhance security

Ensure the airport is safe and easy to navigate for passengers


Make luggage checks more thorough with bright high-quality LED lighting


Offer a safe and comfortable working environment for staff

Case study
Narita Airport

Build brand

Build brand reputation through measurable sustainability initiatives


Make the airport an eye-catching landmark and appealing destination


Offer a better passenger experience than competitors

Case study
Manchester Airport

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