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Philips UV disinfection lamp and driver

UV purification lamps and drivers

Philips UV purification lamp systems offer the best reliability, enabling maximum protection of water and air quality
Philips UV disinfection lamp and driver

Reliable UV lamp systems

To achieve the best performance from any installation, the delicate balance and interaction between lamp and driver needs to be optimized.

Reliable UV lamp systems from Philips

Clean water with
UV Technology

Watch here our latest video that explains how UV technology can clean your drinking water at home.

Clean water with UV Technology

Close partnership

Philips Lighting is the only manufacturer providing a complete package of UV lamps, drivers, sleeves and even complete modules - developed in close cooperation with our partners.

Close partnership

Download the brochure

Download the brochure

Join the conversation
Join the conversation
Join the online UV Technology community and share your expertise on water purification with other professionals!
Online UV Technology community
View our UV lamp system portfolio
Philips range of UV disinfection lamps and drivers
Philips offers a broad portfolio of lamps, drivers and sleeves for water and air purification.

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UVC lamp calculator for in-duct air units

A rough estimation of how many UVC lamps you need in your in-duct air system
UVC calculation tool for in-duct air units

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