Long-lasting, reliable solution

HID-HighPower for SON/MH/HPL/HPI

HID-HighPower for SON/MH/HPL/HPI

HID-HighPower for SON/MH/HPL/HPI

  • Long-lasting, reliable solution

    • Protected from overheating – outstanding product lifetime of 15 years average
    • Minimal watt losses thanks to orthocyclic winding process
    • Ideal for pole mounting


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Product family information

Encapsulated ballasts for use with SON (T) (Plus), HPL, HPI and MH lamps with rated wattages of 1000 W and above


Excellent resistance to chemical impact, humid conditions and environmental stress crack
Class I rated (i.e. with earthing facility)
Equipped with screw terminal blocks as standard
Separate earth terminal (HID ‘Heavy Duty’)
Ballasts for alternative mains voltages/frequencies available upon request


Electromagnetic system requires ballast, ignitor and capacitor
Ballast power 1000 W and above – series or pararell circuit can be applied. Ignitor and capacitor value according to system power can be found in lamp-ballast combination sheet


Outdoor lighting (most popular application areas: sports and area lighting)

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