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ActiLume Wireless

ActiLume Wireless - easy lighting control

ActiLume Wireless
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      The Philips ActiLume Wireless lighting control system consists of a small, lightweight sensor and a SwitchBox (controller), designed for easy integration into luminaires.The system is easy to install and use, not only initially, but also when expansion is required. An application guide is available to help specify and apply the system in an optimal way.


      The Philips ActiLume Wireless system is a luminaire based lighting control system designed for maximum comfort and energy savings of up to 75%
      Easily link cubicles, free floor standing and suspended luminaires into one system, creating a wireless network, without expensive cabling costs or loss of flexibility for future additions
      The wireless network is based on the ZigBee standard. ZigBee creates a robust, secure and fine-mesh network that supports low data rate communication, ensuring a long battery life for battery-operated devices
      The network can also be combined with components from the OccuSwitch Wireless (OSW) sensors
      The light sensor is sensitive for visible radiation (matching the human eye) providing automatic savings with daylight depending regulation, without any visible discomfort for the user
      The movement detector is very sensitive to human movements to provide optimal functionality whilst maximizing energy saving during absence


      The ActiLume Wireless system can be remotely controlled by either a wired Touch and Dim input or wirelessly by the UID8410 user interface
      The system can control up to 4 DALI ballasts
      The system can consist of up to 50 wireless devices in one network
      The room can be divided into a maximum of 32 zones.In each zone, the luminaires may respond differently upon for example occupancy within the room or on different scene settings
      Factory light level setting is at approximately 600 lux at a reflection factor of 0.3;A delay time between 1 and 30 minutes (default 15 minutes) can be selected
      Personal control via the Touch and Dim functionality on the controller


      Offices, meeting rooms
      Free floor standing luminaires
      Optimized for ceiling heights of max. 4 m
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