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      The Philips ActiLume DALI lighting control system consists of a small, lightweight sensor and controller, designed for easy integration into luminaires. ActiLume is a true Plug and Play solution for open plan or cell offices. It is used in a master/slave luminaire concept, easy to use and easy to install. Application brochures are available to help specify and apply the system in an optimal way.


      A DALI based lighting control system designed for maximum comfort and energy savings up to 75% (in fully automatic mode and when used in combination with Philips HF-Regulator Touch and DALI ballasts)
      ActiLume is a Plug & Play system, no specific lighting control training is needed: The system is supported with simple, dedicated application and installation sheets
      The light sensor is sensitive for visible radiation (matching the human eye) providing automatic savings with daylight depending regulation, without any visible discomfort for the user
      The movement detector is very sensitive to human movements and contains a 15 minutes delay timer to provide optimal functionality whilst maximizing energy saving during absence
      Personal control solutions can be created by connecting a mains rated spring-back switch to the controller or by using an infrared remote control unit


      The ActiLume system consists out of three state-of-art miniature sensors combined with a controller containing a series of pre-programmed modes
      The two most applied modes, cell and open plan offices, can be selected via a single push on the service button
      ctiLume offers the possibility to select so called “comfort modes” in line with the EN 12464 indoor lighting norm. These modes can be recalled by using a simple mode selection tool IRT9090
      If needed, further customization can easily be established by changing the factory settings with the mode selection tool IRT9090
      The ActiLume controller contains two DALI outputs. These outputs are pre-programmed (factory setting) as a window and corridor row with a fixed light offset
      ActiLume Dali can control up to 11 ballasts
      The system can be extended with 1 or 2 additional movement detectors, LRM8118 and/or LRM8119 to maximize movement coverage. This respectively reduces the number of ballasts per controller to 10 or 9
      Factory light level setting is at 600 lux at a reflection factor of 0.3


      Typical office applications, as open-plan and cell offices
      Other applications like lobbies, corridors and small meeting rooms
      Offers specific comfort modes, for example for schools, light-lines and direct/indirect lighting concepts
      Optimized for ceiling heights of between 2.5 to 4 meters
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