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Maxos LED

Maxos LED Industry – innovative, flexible solution delivers ideal light output

Maxos LED
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      Product family information

      Customers in the industrial and retail sectors are looking for general lighting solutions with a justifiable payback, while meeting all relevant norms for supermarkets and industry applications. For a limited investment, Maxos LED Industry offers best-in-class energy savings while delivering high lux levels at the required color temperatures and glare factors.The minimalistic Maxos LED Industry system comprises exchangeable mid-power LED boards mounted on a standard Maxos trunking rail. A choice of wide and medium-beam lenses means flexibility in light distribution. Compared with a conventional fluorescent installation, this highly efficient LED solution offers full payback in less than three years. And the benefits keep coming: the use of our upgradable LED engine platform makes Maxos LED Industry a truly future-proof solution.


      Substantial energy savings for a limited investment
      Comfortable light, long lifetime
      Compatibility with proven Maxos trunking system


      Mid-power LED boards; exchangeable LED unit
      Up to 165 lm/W efficiency
      LED gear trays for T5 and TL-D-length trunkings (high lumen output); replacement LED gear trays with same lumen packages as installed T5 and TL-D solutions (lower wattage)
      Choice of narrow, medium, double asymmetric and asymmetric lenses
      Compatible with our standard Maxos and TTX400 rails for TL5 49 W and TL-D 58 W lengths


      Supermarkets, DIY stores, electronics retailers
      Product family details
      • 4MX850
      Light source
      • Philips Fortimo LEDline 3R
      • 25 W (4000 lm, 4000 K)
      • 33 W (5500 lm, 4000 K)
      • 41 W (6600 lm, 4000 K)
      • 53 W (8000 lm, 4000 K)
      Beam angle
      • 2 x 50º (wide beam)
      • 2 x 25º (narrow beam )
      • A20º (asymmetric)
      • DA20º (double asymmetric)
      • 2 x DA35º (double asymmetric)
      Luminous flux
      • Up to 6600 lumen
      Correlated Color Temperature
      • 3000, 4000 or 5000 K
      Color Rendering Index
      • > 80
      Lumen maintenance at median useful life* 50000 h
      • L80
      Control gear failure rate at median useful life 50000 h
      • 5%
      Performance Ambient Temperature Tq
      • +25 ºC
      Operating temperature range
      • -20 to +35 ºC
      • Xitanium, easy to replace
      Power/Data supply
      • 75 Watt (max power), programmable
      Mains voltage
      • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
      • DALI dimmable and fixed output versions
      • Emergency lighting: central (EL) or with battery (EL3)
      • Gear tray: sheet metal
      • Lens plate: PMMA
      • White (WH) and silver (SI)
      • Electrical contact via standard Maxos through-wiring connector
      • Via clicking out the gear unit from the rail
      • Fixation of the 4MX850 unit on the Maxos trunking with springs
      • Suspended or surface (ceiling) mounted
      • No exchange of bare LED engines, only the complete 4MX850 unit (1.5 m in length)
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