LuxSpace PoE – Intelligent energy-saving luminaire enabled for connected lighting systems

LuxSpace PoE

LuxSpace PoE

  • LuxSpace PoE – Intelligent energy-saving luminaire enabled for connected lighting systems

    • LED lighting and control system with breakthrough Total Cost of Ownership, reducing installation costs by around 25% and commissioning costs by around 50%
    • Software applications optimize working processes, comfort, and asset utilization and management
    • Clear customer benefits in both the construction and usage phases of a building


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Product family information

With Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology, LuxSpace PoE receives power and data over a single standard Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for separate power cabling. With the simple click of a connector, LuxSpace PoE luminaires become part of a complete, integrated connected lighting system, delivering extraordinary illumination experiences and value beyond illumination. A built-in lighting and control system gives office users personal control over their preferred light settings via a specially designed smartphone app. With integrated sensors, LuxSpace PoE luminaires can track activity patterns, daylight levels, and in the near future humidity, CO2, temperature, or other data. This data allows facility managers to gain deep insight into building operations, helping them optimize the delivery of resources, enhance the experience and performance of occupants, and support improved asset management.


Data gathering on building usage via luminaire sensors
Personal control of lighting and temperature settings
Simpler and cheaper installation and lighting commissioning


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