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Luminous #12

The art of presentation

This issue of Luminous encourages you to change your perspective by having a behind-the-scenes look at the work of design professionals, researchers, artists and educators. We invite you to explore the human story behind the transformation of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, a collaboration between multiple teams of architects, lighting designers, engineers and equipment producers. We also report on the results of collaborative efforts of artists and students in France and Germany – a fascinating exhibition in Paris and a workshop in Wismar.


Between materiality and immateriality



In an exhibition at Paul Fort in Paris, Alice Roux, Mattia Listowski, Éric Michel played with light and other materials, asking the visitors, “Have you in your eyes what is missing to landscapes?”


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Exploring the third photoreceptor

Russell Foster discovered the “third receptor”, the element in our eyes responsible for the regulation of responsible for regulation of bodily functions and sleep-waking cycles. We trace the story of this discovery, from his early experiments to potential future applications.


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A human story

Back to the Future


The remodeling of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has given it an entirely new heart. Yet Spanish architectural firm Cruz y Ortiz, which carried out the rethink, also restored much of the work of its original architect Pierre Cuypers.



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 Art and History Together


The new lighting design in the Rijksmuseum, a product of collaboration between Wilmotte & Associés and Arup, allows the objects and paintings exhibited to look natural and offers a varied visitor experience.





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Committing to LED

The Rijksmuseum made the decision to light its galleries with LED. Implementing it required a combination of bold planning and detailed adjustment. Lighting design practice Beersnielsen worked with Philips on the lighting solutions.  



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Lighting across disciplines


Derek Porter, director of the MFA in lighting design at Parsons The New School of Design talked to Luminous about the cross-disciplinary nature of lighting design education and Parsons’ collaboration with Philips.



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LED light patterns

Metronomis LED, an urban lighting solution, offers designers a great the unique possibility to play with light,  shadow and effects with innovative ground lighting effects to personalise their projects.


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Wismar Lighting 2013

 “Light Beats” installation at the Faculty of Design, Hochschule Wismar, in northern Germany, is a unique light collaboration between Philips and students in architectural lighting design.


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The art of presentation

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