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What is a smart city?


As cities grow, the challenges they pose—environmental, economic, and social—grow with them. But cities are hubs of diversity and innovation: they can also become the source of solutions.


Smart cities use the latest innovations in the Internet of Things to become more livable, resilient, economically sound, and sustainable. Smart sensors and other smart devices—from street lights to power meters to traffic signals and beyond—are distributed throughout the urban environment. These devices work together with an open, connected infrastructure to collect data about themselves, the environment, people, and events. This data can be analyzed and shared via software platforms and mobile apps to save energy, streamline operations, and make citizens feel happier and safer.


A successful smart cities initiative relies on smart technology, but it also requires leadership and vision. We’ve collected the resources and information here to guide you and inspire you.

The pace of urbanization is accelerating. Today, 54% of the world's population lives in cities, increasing to 66% by 2050.
Today cities consume 78% of the worlds energy *

Today cities consume 78% of the worlds energy*

*Source: UN Habitat (United Nations Human Settlements Program)

Urban decision making is going to rest on a much more active citizenry expressing preferences in real time through handheld devices."


Maxwell Anderson,

Executive director of the New Cities Foundation City of Bristol

More about smart city technology and solutions

  • Digital technology, urban transformation

    Digital technology, urban transformation

    Discover how digital technologies drive urban transformation. Learn key findings of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) research on Empowering Cities.

  • A smart city is an open city

    A smart city is an open city

    Technologies and standards evolve rapidly in a dynamic smart city environment. Cities need to be flexible and prepare for a future with open standards and APIs

  • Cloud-based solutions for future smart cities

    Cloud-based solutions for future smart cities

    Cloud-based solutions offer a secure, scalable, and cost-effective option when building a smart city infrastructure.

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