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To create meaningful innovations, we team up with all relevant parties. We give a clear voice to our customers, end-users and other stakeholders throughout the entire development process, and bring to light the best of our combined worlds. 

Our co-creation approach is based on the principles of Complete Co-creation, which was developed by TheCoCreators. By improving the collection and exchange of relevant data and ideas, and making this relevant and actionable we support and inspire the organization to be truly co-creative.



There is no escape; current times are calling for interaction, collaboration, and transparency. "


Co-creation is the most effective way to close the gap between what we assume are good ideas, and what our customers think are great ideas.”


- Maarten Pieters

Head of Co-creation & People Insight

Complete Co-Creation Principles

Together with all relevant parties

1. Together with all relevant parties

The end user at the core

2. The end user at the core


3. Consistently applied


4. Productive


5. Transparent


6. Supported

The end user at the core

7. Value driven

Co-creation across domains



By co-creating together with our end-users we are better able to understand what light means for people in their homes, and how we add value. By organizing regular co-creation sessions, home visits, and using various other tools, we are able to open doors to people’s thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Lighting home kitchen



With all the changes happening in retail, it is vital to understand the multi-layered and continuous character of customer journeys as well as the challenges of brands. By placing ourselves in the middle of that journey we are able to deepen the customer experience and increase loyalty. Shaping the experience together creates sustainable business.

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We gather truly valuable insights by getting out of our own office, and into other offices. By involving all relevant parties in various inspiring ways throughout the full idea to market cycle, we change the office space for the better. The future of offices looks bright when all come together!

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Public spaces


We discover the future of where and how we will live collectively. Gathering all pieces of the puzzle and using them as building blocks, we envision and develop valuable solutions. Interaction and collaboration bring the technology side and the human side together, creating places truly worth living in.

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Maarten Pieters