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Our webinar on Redefining the lighting standards is available for viewing online.


Click the video player to watch the webinar and learn from Matthew Cobham about redefining the lighting standards for new applications.

Electric indoor lighting began to become common place about a century ago. But the lights used at that time were not calibrated for their effects on the human eye. By the 1950s, scientists started studying what the optimum light levels would be for many indoor applications. These findings have informed lighting design ever since – and they are flawed.

At the time, the study subjects used to standardize lighting levels were all healthy young adults aged 20-25. This did not take into account the fact that as it ages, the human eye changes, with less light reaching the retina. This means that for most of the population – especially now that people are living longer – the regular lighting levels are suboptimal.

In this webinar you will see how new scientific insights are helping to redefine what we consider to be “normal” lighting. Taking into account changes in lifestyle as well as physiology, a new standard is emerging that will enhance productivity and create healthier places for us to live in.

Watch this webinar hosted by Matthew Cobham, and learn how insights from the International Commission on Illumination can inform a new way of lighting our offices and homes.

Presented by:

Matthew Cobham

Matthew Cobham is Lighting Application Team Manager at Philips Lighting. He is passionate about integrating science-based health insights into everyday lighting design.


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