Enabling advanced lighting 


with KNX

Today’s buildings are wired and connected spaces, and KNX is the industry-leading standard for intelligently managing the technology involved. Discover how architects and lighting designers can use Philips products and know-how to save energy and improve performance.


Watch the recording of this webinar to discover how Philips is crafting applications and technologies that open up new avenues of interaction and control. The result: more intelligent buildings that provide substantial energy savings while creating safer, more pleasant environments for the home, office and workplace.

Architects, lighting designers and technical specifiers can use the Philips KNX plug to create forward-thinking, responsive lighting solutions for any building. The specialist know-how Philips provides enriches the open-source KNX operating field across industries and applications.

Presented by:

Paul Osinga is Regional Product Manager Marketing EMEA for Philips Lighting. He believes that real-world applications of lighting technology can help improve people’s lives.


Allan Apel is Technical Trainer/Europe for Indoor Systems supporting existing and new users with training, self-learning and information.


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Paul Traynor
Paul Traynor
Marlyn Zelkowitz

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