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Challenging the  

light meter

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Webinar on Challenging the light meter is available for viewing online


Click the video player to watch the webinar and learn how calibrating for brightness lumens rather than photopic lumens can help increase people’s sense of safety and security.


Traditionally, the amount of light in outdoor spaces has been measured in photopic lumens per square meter (lux). Recent research, however, has shown that this does not correspond to people’s perceived sense of safety and security. As the human eye is more sensitive to short wavelengths, we prefer bluish light to yellower hues. And this makes a big difference.

In "Challenging the light meter for outdoor lighting systems", you will see how these findings open up new avenues for lighting designs in public spaces and indoor areas like a waiting room or a fast-food restaurant. What’s more, a focus on brightness lumens per square meter can also help to reduce energy consumption while enhancing occupants’ well-being.


Presented by:

Mark Rea is Director of the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He believes the true value of lighting is its ability to improve our health, comfort and productivity.


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