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Adaptive Lighting 

for outdoor applications

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Webinar on Adaptive Lighting for exterior Applications is available for viewing online


Click the video player to watch the webinar and learn how advanced adaptive lighting control systems offer unique benefits for large-scale exterior applications.



In designing a lighting platform for exterior spaces, there are unique challenges to be met. Environments like academic and corporate campuses, as well as municipal entities, have varying needs and requirements. To accommodate for the time of day, the season and activities on site at any moment, the lighting will have to be flexible and highly customizable.


A new generation of networked and adaptive lighting control systems present unique advantages at such locations. They save energy and streamline maintenance, and can even compile occupancy data and expedite reporting on energy usage and savings. This also offers the deep control needed to effectively adapt to legislative and regulatory changes.


This webinar will explore how such regulations are driving both public and private entities to reexamine their exterior lighting portfolios. The presentation will also focus on best practices for exterior lighting applications, including proven technologies and strategies. You will also learn about the new opportunities created by next-generation adaptive lighting technologies.



Presented by:


Dr. Michael Siminovitch is UC Davis Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency and Director at the California Lighting Technology Center. With a background in both Industrial Design and Architecture, he is passionate about the role of education and innovation in lighting.


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