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The 5th international Light Symposium on Future of Healthy Light and Lighting


This is a three-day forum that will bring together recent insights into the effects of healthy light and lighting in daily life with respect to research, theory, technologies, design and applications.


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Light symposium



It will be held from Wednesday, October 12 through Friday, October 14, 2016. The Light Symposium days will close with a PLDC 2017 warm-up on the Friday evening.




Hochschule Wismar

University of Applied Sciences Technology, Business and Design

Lobby of House 7a

Philipp-Müller-Strasse 14

D-23966 Wismar





Registration and tickets will be available from early May 2016


For whom

The symposium offers an outstanding occasion for researchers, students, and practitioners to keep up-to-date with recent findings.



Architectural Lighting Design is the art of shaping light that forms life. Light can do much more than serve only vision; it goes far beyond design-only issues, it creates more than just emotions giving atmosphere to space.


Light maintains human health; it heals wounds and cures diseases!
Light and health – a new approach to improve the quality of life!


The University of Wismar has come of age, leading the way in this innovative field, promoting health and well-being in the 21st century. In the age of the photon, light will be an engine for growth and innovation and one of the strongest pillars of the health economy.


The spirit of the Hanseatic region resurges anew, offering their tradition of peace and health, and radiating out to the world.


Alexander Wunsch

Alexander Wunsch

Alexander Wunsch is a physician, researcher and lecturer in light medicine and photobiology with particular interest in the effects of light and the beneficial/adverse health impacts of solar radiation and artificial light sources on endocrine and cellular levels in humans.
Mark Major


Mark Major is a lighting designer and founding partner of the multi-award winning international design practice Speirs + Major.



May 24

Webinar: Lighting design within media architectures

Presented by Thorsten Bauer


June 22

Webinar: The Power of Light - Going Beyond Illumination

Presented by Brett Andersen



Light Bite: Lighting in Latin America and the cultural differences

Presented by Antonio Garza (President of IES Mexico Section)


Sep 28

Webinar: A New Age for Smart Cities

Presented by Jennifer Belissent


Oct 16

Webinar: The Abu Dhabi Story: Sustainable Lighting Strategy to Regional Policy in 6-Years

Presented by Martin Valentine


Paul Traynor
Paul Traynor
Marlyn Zelkowitz

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