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Light + Building

speaker program

We recently brought together leading experts to inspire and engage fellow professionals as part of their speaker program at Light + Building  

  • Connected lighting in smart cities
  • Delivering smart buildings
  • New technology trends and their impact on LED luminaires

    We’ve captured these insightful talks in a series of videos – so if you couldn’t make it to the show, here’s your chance to catch up on what you missed.

Speaker program

Connected lighting in smart cities

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The importance of partnerships within the concept of smart cities.

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The greenest developer

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How location based services enhance shopping experience.

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Delivering smart buildings

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New technology trends and LED luminaires

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Optimizing business operations through technology

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Human centric lighting. Bandwagon or breakthrough?

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Connected lighting in smart cities

How can connected lighting serve as an enabler and catalyst for transitioning to a new era of city technologies?
That’s the question at the heart of this talk by Philips Lighting’s Susanne Seitinger and Nancy Clanton, President of Clanton & Associates Lighting Design and Engineering. Learn more about smart cities as they delve into the challenges our urban areas face today – from conserving energy to dealing with the many non-lighting issues that arise when cities switch to connected LEDs.

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Nancy Clanton speaking at light+building

New technology trends and LED luminaires


In this future-focused presentation, Philips research fellow Marc de Samber and Dr. Robert Karlicek of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute discuss emerging LED trends and what they mean for the lighting systems of the future. Learn more about changes in the LED lighting supply chain, including the chip-to-luminaire transition, and how these alterations will provide more flexibility in how lighting designers employ LED chips.

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Delivering smart buildings

Akshay Thakur speaking at light+building

What exactly is a smart building? What can it do and what impact does it have on efficiency and productivity?

Imagine your workplace’s building advised you on the best place to sit based on your agenda. Or it indicated the best meeting room and guided you to the right spot. Philips Lighting's Onno Willemse and Cisco's Akshay Thakur discuss how connected lighting can create intelligent buildings that make for better, smarter, more sustainable offices for the future of working.

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The greenest developer


“What kind of world do you want to build?”

That’s the question driving real estate developer Owen

Zachariasse of the Delta Development Group. As a third

generation real estate developer – his grandfather helped

create the famous suburban Levittowns after WWII – his

company is striving to move away from mass-produced

buildings by employing the cradle-to-cradle design

philosophy. Watch this fascinating talk about how they’re

working to create sustainable buildings of quality that will

retain their value indefinitely.


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Human-centric lighting:
bandwagon or breakthrough?

Peter Boyce speaking at light+building

Dr. Peter Boyce is a leading expert in the field of human-centric lighting and discusses how lighting affects the visual and non-visual aspects of human physiology and how it fits into a larger network of factors that can influence mood, motivation and behavior. How exactly does the intensity, quality and color of lighting impact our alertness, sleep quality, behavior, health and well-being? And how can we effectively evaluate the claims made for human-centric lighting?

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The importance of partnerships 
within the concept of ‘smart cities’

Cities around the world are looking to innovate and adapt to the changing demands of an increasingly urbanized, globalized and digitalized world. Philips Lighting’s connected lighting solutions are one piece of the puzzle in trying to meet the needs of the evolving modern urban center. However, no single company can shepherd this complex transformation on its own. Andreas Knobloch of Philips Lighting explains why creating partnerships is the key to empowering cities while SAP’s Sean O’Brian and Vodafone’s Cyril Deschanel further elucidate how their companies’ are working to help cities better serve their citizens.


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Optimizing business operations
through technology

Optimizing business operations through smart technology at light+building

How will office buildings of the future boost worker productivity and contentment, streamline daily operations and reduce energy use? Extending on the idea of smart buildings, our office business segment lead, Onno Willemse and former Deloitte CIO, Erik Ubels talk about the power of data in creating more intelligent and productive office environments. Ubels and Willemse worked intensively together to develop The Edge building in Amsterdam – the world’s most sustainable building – and in his new role at OVG Real Estate, Ubels discusses the advantages of IoT technology for real estate developers.

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How location based services
enhance shopping experience

Imagine going into a supermarket and being able to quickly and easily sort your grocery list by location via an app. Your shopping done in a wink and a valuable opportunity for retailers to reach out to their customers. Philips Lighting’s Gonneke Gros-Gerkema kicks off this session on how light-based indoor positioning solutions can boost shopper convenience, mobile engagement, staff efficiency and insights while Nathan Pettyjohn Founder and CEO of Aisle411, continues by discussing how his company is helping retailers join what he calls “The Internet of Stores”.


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Design Trends

Design Trends at light+building

We live and breathe light,” says our Head of Design, Pierre Yves Panis in the first moments of this presentation on the latest design trends shaping the lighting industry and the industries of our customers. How has our intimate relationship with light evolved and how can designers create products and services that mesh with human behavior, aid in solving our problems, and live up to current societal trends? Panis is joined by Guy Perry – architect, urban designer and developer – who then shares his experiences researching cities and their impact on people’s well-being.

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Nov 23

Webinar: Towards Dynamic environments

Presented by Tapio Rosenius


Dec 14

Webinar: The Design of Integration: Pitfalls and Possibilities

Presented by Zachary Suchara


Jan 25

Webinar: Lighting for Visual Performance, Circadian Health and Safety in Older Adults

Presented by Mariana Figueiro


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