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As a service to lighting professionals, Philips Lighting has created the Lighting University.  We partner with leading experts to bring you up-to-date information and valuable inspiration. There is a complete range of educational resources. Choose from webinars, videos, courses, publications and events.  

Sculpting at the scale of cities  

Webinar - October 25, 2017


Janet Echelman is an artist, who creates shared urban experiences with her wind choreographed light art installations.  In this webinar, you will learn about: her work, the collaboration and technology behind it and how art can be used to create a communal urban experience.


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Towards dynamic Environments  

Webinar - November 23, 2017


We can consider light as a two-way window between different worlds: the digital world and the physical world. In this webinar, Tapio Rosenius will use practical examples to explain experimental real-life applications of his approach.


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towards dynamic environments

Lighting and cultural differences


The Lighting University recently hosted a discussion with three lighting designers about lighting in Latin America and cultural differences.   


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Lighting in Latin America

Learn the LED Essentials


In a series of nine short videos, you can learn the LED essentials. Each video is less than four minutes.  


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LED Essentials

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Oct 25

Webinar: Sculpting at the Scale of Cities

Presented by Janet Echelman


Nov 23

Webinar: Towards Dynamic environments

Presented by Tapio Rosenius


Dec 14

Webinar: The Design of Integration: Pitfalls and Possibilities

Presented by Zachary Suchara


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Paul Traynor
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