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In case you have missed all the excitement around the Philips Light+Building experience, you can sign up for receiving a video on the exciting lighting innovations.


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During this webinar you will learn how Connected Lighting can help adapt office buildings to future information and communication trends.

Connected Lighting

LED Certification Program

Improve your knowledge of LED lighting, become an LED specialist. Take our newest LED courses and gain knowledge on various LED and lighting related topics.

LED Passport

Connecting LEDS

This book is a practical guide about the understanding of LEDs and how they are used to light both the interior and exterior of buildings.

Connecting LEDS

Learn about Light

What do you know about light? Check our courses, videos and publications and learn the basics and fundamentals of light and lighting.

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Learn about LED

LED brings a world of possibilities to your design process. Learn more about LED and the different uses of LED lighting.

Learn about LED

Learning for Architects

Learn about LEDs, lighting technologies and the different uses of LED lighting

Learning for  Architects

Learning for Channel Partners

Learn more about LED and lighting technology and become confident in suggesting the right solutions to your customers

Learning for Channel Partners

Student Program

Our portal provides access to the specially designed courses for students and videos on various lighting related topics.

Student Portal

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