LED Certification Program

LED Certification Program
Enhance your knowledge on LED lighting and become an LED specialist. Take our courses to learn about the LED technology, the advantages, luminaires, LED retrofit, controls, managing sales discussions and more.

Learn about Light

Find out more
What do you know about light? Check our courses, videos and publications and learn the basics and fundamentals of light and lighting.

Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls
Learn about Philips' interactive lighting controls and how they can help you save on operational costs by ensuring the correct lighting level for the task at hand.

Join the Luminous Talks webinar

Join the Luminous Talks webinar
As part of this year’s Luminous Talks 3: The Changing Room, Parsons the New School for Design and Philips are pleased to present a webinar on September 23, led by Reon Brand and Laura Taylor.

Learn more about LED

Learn about LED
LED brings a world of possibilities to your design process. Learn more about LED and the different uses of LED lighting.

Learning Innovation Award

Learning Award
This year Parsons’ grad Dagmara Nowak was named the recipient of the Philips Learning Innovation Award. The award recognizes a project that advances research, technology, and function in the lighting design discipline.

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