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Rethinking the Future

For a sustainable world, the transition from a linear to a circular economy is essential. A circular economy aims to decouple economic growth from the use of natural resources by using these resources more effectively. With that goal in mind, we offer our customers circular lighting, such as Light as a Service.

Circular lighting not only changes our light consumption, it also breaks away from the traditional way of doing business. Use, not ownership, is now the key element – you no longer need to purchase products that provide light, but rather only buy the light itself. This revolutionary way of doing business has great benefits – there’s no need to invest in equipment and we take care of the management, maintenance and innovation. And that management also includes the entire financial process – which means it’s backed by a reliable partner who understands the full lighting lifecycle. Circular lighting also means the maximum re-use of equipment and the greatest possible conservation of resources. Lastly, by implementing the most innovative technology, you can benefit from huge savings right away.

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Benefit #1: Future-proof


Circular lighting means benefitting from high-quality lighting now while maintaining adaptability for whatever changes the future might hold. We provide flexible financing solutions, so no upfront investments are needed. Because the system has been designed for a circular economy, it’s optimized for a closed lifecycle and allows for easy upgrades to the system by adding or exchanging parts. You stay future-proof while minimizing operational expenditures by saving on energy, maintenance costs and depreciation.

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Benefit #2: Hassle-free


With circular lighting, we provide you with a turn-key solution, including a lighting audit, design, consultation, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance, upgrades and end-of-life management. You’ll get a performance-based managed lighting solution, tailored to your needs and run by us. In short, you take care of what’s important to you – your business and your people – and we’ll take care of the light.


Benefit #3: Circular Economy  


When we equip and run a workplace lighting system, it means much more than just better light. It means complementing the lighting performance with high-level sustainability, lower energy usage, less waste and higher revenues. Our circular lighting offering provides you with a full OpEx-based lighting system tailored to your needs and run by us, ensuring low CO2 emissions and less waste of materials.